Bill wrote his first 'hardcore' science fiction book in second grade during book week. It was a five-page interplanetary epic, with a montage front cover and full-page drawings. He came second in the competition which annoyed the hell out of him.

Having delved into Isaac Asimov's Space Ranger series, his first ever sci-fi read, Bill has since read and watched everything and anything that can be even remotely classified as science fiction. His most favorite, influential reads are P.K. Dick's 'The Man in the High Castle' and D. Simmon's 'The Hyperion Cantos'.

Bill has produced a guerrilla film back in the day when that was a thing and has recently been credited with the helping in the discovery of two exoplanets (KIC 10905746 and KIC 6185331). These days his reading time is sacrificed in the pursuit of writing down his own stories from ideas he has accumulated over the years.

You can read his stories on Wattpad or on Medium.

He can be found on Steemit Twitter Facebook and on any other corner of the Global Internet of Things or lurking somewhere deep within the Dendros.

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