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Bitrodog is the official portal for purchases of eBooks directly using cryptocurrencies.

For payments using Dendro (DEN) 

kandiliotis.eth or 0xd0b51683567A41ab4106e0121F3346155Fb93Ea7

DEN = 1 eBook 

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Available Soon in ePub and .mobi format*. 


Each copy is issued with an Ethereum wallet allowing for the future airdrop of author-issued ERC20 tokens. To buy, you will be able to send $AUS1 worth of cryptocurrency to the relevant wallet address, using the Coinpayments link below. Then enter your email address, preferred book format and cryptocurrency, and the wallet address used to send payment, in the payment form.


Buy ‘The Blood Ring’ with ethereum and receive 1 x Dendro to trade or buy existing or future works by the author. 


ePub /.mobi price = 1 DEN or 3 finney [0.003 ETH or AU$1 equivalent]



*not yet available

A Dark Science Fiction Novel
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A Dark-Noir Science Fiction Novel

(available soon)

A Post-Cyberpunk Novel
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A Post-Cyberpunk Novel

(available soon)

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